Перевод песни Supertramp – Waiting So Long

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Did you get all you want?
Did you see the whole show?
So where’s all the fun
That we used to know?
As the memories fade
Way out of view
I’d love those old days
To come back to you
I’ve been waiting so long
I’m not feeling so strong
Did you say what you mean?
Did you mean what you say?
About this new scene
Is it really that way?
But the blindness goes on
You say it’s not so
But what do you know?
I’ve been waiting so long
I’m not feeling so strong
Ain’t nothing new, it’s just the same old thing
You got me singing those old blues again
Angry music, words of fire
Painted faces filled with rage
Even then they sound so tired
I must be set in my old ways
If this world is unimpressive
It’s been that way for quite awhile
I don’t need no heavy message
Just turn me on and make me smile
Yes I’ve been waiting such a long time
Just for something to ring true
Now I’d rather taste the old wine
Than mess around with something new
And the blindness goes on
The blindness goes on