Перевод песни Simon Bookish – Alsatian Dog

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
The Alsatian dog walks past Adam and Eve
The Alsatian dog finds it hard to believe
That the lead is long and life's so long
The Alsatian dog has been dreaming of Mumbai
Reckons he'd look swell all lit up on the silver screen
A juggernaut crashes into the lexicon
A juggernaut crashes into a bungalow, too
And he says
«You can't define me
Try as you might to pin me down
If I lose my tongue for some reason
I'll still be spoken all over town
«I'm going to give you some offspring
That's what I'm going to do
But don't you dare think for one minute
That they'll look like me, or they'll sound like you»
Because the lead is long and life's so long
What does he eat?
Dog food or oyster sauce
Millefeuille off the kitchen floor
Plastic or kerosene
Toast, jam, margarine
Rare breeds or poppy seeds
A peace pipe found amongst the weeds
No time for the Saxon beast
What does he eat?
The French meats
Venison, beef, pork, venison
Beef, pork, venison, beef
Pork, venison, beef, pork
What does he use?
A knife, a fork, and language