Перевод песни Ladyhawk – (I'll Be Your) Ashtray

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My hand is shaking
But I can't feel anything at all
Just your little
Burning kiss on me And careless whispers
Were a warning
Cus I'll only try and drag you deeper
Down into my heart again
Baby I tried slow suicide
Ya just keep me hanging on Running around, keep my head down
And pretend there's nothing wrong
The flick of a lighter
I can feel you somewhere in the air
Just breathing smoking close to me And I'll be your ashtray
If you need me Cus I only wanna feel you burning
Your name into my heart again
Baby I know when I gotta go And it could be anytime
Wasting away through another day
In the backyard of my mind
But I want it so bad, yeah I want it so bad I could die
The desolation
I feel it so deep, yeah I feel it so deep inside