Перевод песни Ladyhawk – Night You're Beautiful

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The day is long
'Til the setting sun
And it can't be hours
Until you come
And I call your name
At twilight time
'Til I feel your kiss upon the
Night, you come to me So beautiful
You got my hands across
The palace of your skin and let me in And you give to me the thing I need
Lay my body down until
The morning sun awakens me All over
How you touch my soul
And you feel my heart
And you make me burn
When we're apart
And I shed my clothes
And I shed the day
And I thrust myself
Warm into you
Night, you come to me So full of love
Steal my heat and steal my breathin'
All my body and my blood
You take from me The thing you need
And in its place you leave a hunger
Growing deep inside of me
I love you