Перевод песни The Donkeys – Nice Train

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You got a nice train
Now are you gonna start it
I'm at the station waiting
With all the broken hearted
And I stayed up late
I need a cup of coffee
At someones art show
At someone else's gallery
That I didn't wanna see
But it wasn't up to me
Were drinking, night train
Now when we gonna stop it
I'm at some hipster bar and
We got two gay guys fawnin'
Someone yells last call
And we should be leavin'
Sam shoved a cellphone down the table
They retrieving now
And no one is quite sure exactly how
They scratch their head
And they say, «wow»
And Alex may just have a cow
He scratch his hair and says
«Wow, I been layin' on my bed with the sun-spots at my knees.»
I'm so discouraged, that I don't got the courage
To open the door and leave
You got some back pain
Hey man, this will relieve it
Two of those and two beers
Uh movie better believe it
But now you're swimming
Throughout the hotel lobby
Stuck in a future grove and
Trying to keep it poppy, why?
We all just need a little time
For magazines and drinking wine
And not to worry about our time
Wasting chatting about
«I'm fine thank you, and how have you been- has it really been that long?»
I'm so discouraged, that I don't got the courage
To just get up and be gone
(gone gone gone)