Перевод песни Nikki Sudden – English Girls

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Hanging round in French Town
Hanging round in English Town
Hanging round in any place
Always gets to be a bore.
Hanging round with foreign girls
Watching out for another chance
'Cause hanging round in Crazy Town
Always gets to be a bore.
Drinking tea in the afternoon
Playing games with a loaded dice
I sometimes fall for that English rose
But it always ends up the same.
I've hung around with French girls
I've even hung round with a Russian girl
But hanging round with any girl
Always ends up meaning more.
When the trains have gone to sleep
And the tracks are fading fast
When I'm sleeping next to you
That's when I know that it won't last.
When the galleries are quiet
When the girls start reading books
When I just sit there in my room
That's when it all ends up the same.
When there's girls in all my dreams
You're so strung out it doesn't mean a thing
On the edge of Shanty Town
I just had to break away.
When you're waiting on the Northern Line
Tired of waiting, haven't got the time
When I can't stand any of your friends
That's when it had to change