Перевод песни Verb T – Sittin' Here

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These people are not crazy, they strong people
Maybe their environment is a little sick
It's Verb T man, I'm bad to the bone marrow
But our insecurities make us so shallow
We act funny, want praise and attention
We ego trippin' in a crazy dimension
Act dumb to impress the opposite sex
And we then get — the opposite of sex
Misdirect energy like internet dependencies
You might laugh but that's a big threat and its meant to be
Got no social life outside a social site
So when you start to feel lonely are you so surprised?
But fears become less when they vocalised
So come on don't be shy, let 'em go, hold the mic
Address the public, come on let's discuss things
I got a fuckin' illness in my gut, its disgusting
What man? I'm just sharing I'm old now fuck caring
I'm walking through an old town the locals are just staring
Feeling alien my speech now failing them
I'm able to communicate with pen and a piece of paper
Can't control this obsessive compulsive
My thoughts popping off uncontrollable explosion
I'm sittin' here thinking, man I'm just thinking, nah I'm just sittin' here
If it could be different, then I'd just blink and man I'd just disappear
But then I think different, overcome symptoms, suddenly things are clear
I'm sittin' here thinking, man I'm just thinking, nah I'm just sittin' here
It seems stupid, laughing at myself and how I do shit
Talking to myself in my head like, who's this?
I always thought a lot since I rocked the two fish
Still you gotta laugh when you shouldn't like we're school kids!
Fuck what the rules is, I'm a mad joker
I'm hyped (high?) but like an alcoholic see me sad sober
Sometimes making people happy when inside I ain't
It's just the picture that my mind knows and tries to paint
A younger me thought they pushed him to the brink and said «Over think»,
«Over drink» quick where the fuck's the sink?
But he didn't know shit
Thinking with his glow stick
Chemical corrosive, spurt the mind that grow quick
And I see everybody frontin'
Insecurities glowing on the night like pumpkins
I function the same, but have to laugh cause it's all bull shit
The human conditioning that my head's filled with