Перевод песни George Strait – If The Whole World Was A Honky Tonk

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If the whole world was a honky-tonk
And it revolved around an old jukebox
We’d tell our troubles to the Bar
Over crying steel guitars
And soon, they’d all be gone
Yeah, if you asked me what I thought
I’d say: «We'd be better off
«If the whole world was a honky-tonk.»
You could smoke that cigarette
An' be politically incorrect
Show off that red 'round your neck
Not hear a single soul object
Wouldn’t need no lawyers to decide
Who is wrong and who is right
No need for big expensive trials
Brother, we’d just step outside
Wouldn’t have to pay no tax
Just set a tip jar in the back
If we ran low, we’d pass the hat
I bet we’d all be in the black
If the whole world was a honky-tonk
And if you’re looking for love
Someone to heal that broken heart
Hey, buddy, you’d be in half
You wouldn’t have to go that far
Life would be a three-chord song
And the king would be George Jones
If the whole world was a honky-tonk