Перевод песни White Lion – Cry For Freedom

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The fire is burning
We lay our weapons down to rest
This war ain't over
Till all the people will be free
Straight from our hearts we cry
This war has stolen too many lives
'Cause for the sake of freedom we will die
Our songs will carry on Oh lord we try, we try
To keep our dream alive
And voices will be heard
All around the world
So stand up and cry for freedom
And keep the dream alive
Stand up and cry for freedom
And keep the dream alive
Our brothers in prison
But no crime was ever done
I call it racism
Ashamed I face my fellow man
The children are taken away
And families destroyed
And millions have died from starvation
We can't go on this way
Oh Lord we pray, we pray
That maybe soon someday
The world will smile again
And they shall be released
And let them know that we are here
Oh no, we can't go on this way
And we will never give up Fighting for freedom
And we will keep this dream alive