Перевод песни Metal Church – Watch the Children Pray

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
In a darkened graveyard glows a light
I see it shine there every night
I know somewhere there's a hidden door
There's an answer here we must explore
No, I'll not submit to reason
I'll sit and watch the seasons change
We watch the children pray
Save us God today
Come whatever may
We hold our fate and make the choice
But we'll not listen to that still small voice
Are we just crazy, out of our minds?
Wish this were someplace, another time
And I know we're going
So far away from this wretched life we lead
With open arms meet catastrophe
In the valley of the damned we'll be And now to life we say goodbye
I know the when but not the why
Our nation's blood spills on the ground
Our lives go out without a sound