Перевод песни Cledus T. Judd – The House That Broke Me

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The new owners said
Don't come back again
But sir, this is where I'll spend my last dime
Fannie Mae swore this would never happen
Then I came home to that foreclosed sign
I re-did those steps
Added on a master bedroom
Built a big new deck
Put it all on my Master-card
I guess I didn't know
I thought my interest rate was low
So I went ahead and sodded the yard
I thought that when I bought this place I'd steal it
But I didn't know how bad that the paint was a peeling
I wish I died and someone else
And I signed the loan all by myself
I had no choice but to file bankruptcy
This rehab was a travesty
I hate the house that broke me
Went on Craigslist after a couple beers
Bought that house through Paypal sight unseen
Over drawn but thought for sure if I had those heated floors
It'd sell quick in a real estate magazine
I wonder if that upstairs toilet's still leaking
The first night there it fell right through that ceiling
I bought a little duct tape and some JB Weld
Thought that maybe I could fix it myself
If you ever need a plumber don't call me
I'm just as bad at carpentry
At the house that broke me
You lose your home
Default on your loan
And it moves Uncle Sam
I lost all I had and this whole world
And I still owe a hundred grand
I thought I could afford those monthly payments
But I lost my job and I burned right through my savings
Freddie Mac said I qualifty
But now I know that son of a (bleep)lied
I guess I watch too much HGTV
Flipping house is a crazy
I hate the house that broke me
I'd like to blow up the house that broke me