Перевод песни David Stockdale – Oh to Be Loved

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Heart loud and tall beats like fists on the wall
She steps through ropes into the ring
Beautiful, striking, cursing like a Viking
And prancing with the scowl of a king
You whom she thought could be trusted got caught
Little matter if you're not to blame
Somewhere down there the hurt's to be shoved
She's put fire to the mattress again
She just wants to be loved
Something broke down in a man soft and sound
He rode city to city by train
Till a painted lady with heart dark and shady
Put holes in his jugular vein
With canines so white that they lit up the night
Now he's back on the rails again
Preaching peace with hands that are gloved
Justifying her criminal deeds
As the need to be loved
Here's to the hard, fed-up and scarred
Cold, cast down and out
Misunderstood, judged no damn good
Cynic, caught up in doubt
The truth anymore is not what they're here for
You can't manipulate the facts
They praise distant gods above
And deny what never has lacked
Oh to be loved
The need to be loved
She just wants to be loved back