Перевод песни David Stockdale – High As a Kite

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When I get home in the evening,
I'm all muscle, no head
Funny how some gotta work so hard
For their daily bread
They say it's three-piece suits and cowboy boots
And your ability to fight
But me, that's not how I do it
And it'll be all right
I go high, high, I go high
High as a kite
Frankie's fond of philosophy, May adores her maths
Music's everything to Marie and Lenny makes us laugh
We're gonna gather all around the table
There's good food and drink and life
And if the neighbours are able
They may bring a little wine
We'll go high, high, we'll go high
High as a kite
She won't subscribe to their TV lies
Read between the lines
What is right in this world tonight
Is not what sells or buys
We used to trade a lot more heart-felt notions
Left and right
You could ponder up any kind of potion
As long as it was light
We'd go high, high, we'd go high
High as a kite
High as a kite, high as a kite, high as a kite