Перевод песни Words Of Farewell – The Great Escape

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
See the sadness in their eyes
Searching for a spark to ignite the flame
See your reflection in their eyes
For we are nothing but the same
Pictures of a transitory state hidden deep within
Something we have lost not too long ago
No recollection of our former destination
To temper justice with mercy is to let the weakness prevail
In a world where nothing is sacred, in darker times and in search for the truth
The foreclosure of human nature
Binding us all in despair
Shall no longer take hold of us For it is beyond a mortal's share
Beyond the margins of this stern society
We rediscover remnants of our lives
Venturing out on the sky beneath our feet
The will is set only death may break it So let's take a part of the world and make it our own
Just you and I Lost in delusions of grandeur, a thought so bittersweet
Light the beacon and lead the way
Just you and I Just you and I