Перевод песни Lonewolf – Words of the Witch

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
Too weak to fight against god's servants
Women that wants to live, or witches of Salem?
They are innocent
The burning stakes of holy lies
You, you can't decide
You have no right
To torture, and kill in the god's name
Do it, and you will never hide
The truth will find you, you will be cursed
Words of the witch, like the storm
Listen to them! They will curse you
Words of the witch, like the flame
Will burn your soul, will kill you
Consecrated ground will not host their bones
People fear the holy priests
No one will help them on the gallows hill
And again way too young to die
Words of William Stoughton:
«You! Giles Corey
You will be pressed
To death, by stone!
Bridget Bishop
— guilty, to death!
Martha Corey:
Satan's daughter
You will die, too!»