Перевод песни Tracedawn – You're Fired!

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
Can't see the irony
And travesty of what you believe in
Manifesting everywhere
That uncontrolled animosity
You're on path to your own devastation
And the only way out
Of it would mean that your world
Would break into pieces
Since I cracked your core
You have not been the same
Since I trapped that whore am I no longer profane?
You must have an idea before you make a plan
What needs your protection can't be
Stronger than man
You cannot keep your eyes shut
For eternity yet that is what you intend do
Let it fucking be
Leaving traces that point to your
Sick endeavour truth bender
Can you hear the heretic calling for you?
Stronger than man!