Перевод песни Spailpin – Arthur McBride

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Oh, me and my cousin, one Arthur McBride
As we went a-walkin' down by the seaside
We met Sergeant Napper and Corporal Pry
The day bein' Christmas morning
«Good morning, good morning,» the sergeant did cry
«And the same to you gentleman,» we did reply
Intending no harm but meant to pass by The day bein' pleasant and charming.
«But,» says he, «My fine fellows, if you will enlist
It's ten guineas in gold I'll slip in your fist
And a crown in the bargain for to kick up the dust
And drink the king's health in the morning.
«For a soldier, he lives a very fine life
And he always is blessed with a charming young wife
While other poor fellows have sorrow and strive
And sup on thin gruel in the morning».
«But,» says Arthur, «I wouldn't be proud of your clothes
For you only lend out them, now as I suppose
And you dare not change them one night,
If you dare, for you know you'll be flogged in the morning.
«And we have no desire to take your advance
For all of the dangers we not take the chance
For you'd have no scruples in send us to France
Where we know we'd be shot in the morning»
«Oh no,» says the Sergeant, «If I hear one more word
I quickly right novel will draw out me sword
And straight into your body a strenght will afford
So now me young devils take warning»
But Arthur and I we counted the odds
And we scarce gave them time for to draw their own blades
With our trusty shillelaghs we bashed them in their heads
And paid them right smart in the morning.
And the old rusty rapiers that hung by their sides
We flung them as far as we could in the tide
«Now take that you devils!» cried Arthur McBride
«And temper your steel in the morning!».
And the little wee drummer, we flattened his pouch
And we made a football of his rowdy-dow-dow
Threw it into the ocean for to rock and to roll
And bade it a tedious returning.
Oh, me and my cousin, one Artur McBride
As we went a-walkin' down by the seaside
Seeking good fortune and what did betide
For it bein' on Christmas morning.