Перевод песни Secrets Of The Moon – Worship

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
The son
The holy word
Worship and adore
Bow down
The taker
Takes the image of the self
Now strike for freedom
You're free at last
The demon
Speaks forever
Ecstacy and will
Now execute
Grant me what you fear
I lead the swarm
Black soil
The earth is shaking
A sinister sun
Now burn the wings
Sacred scorn
Ravage through the womb
You are here now
You're free at last
If the son therefore shall make you free
You shall be free indeed
The mask is mine now
Ways of the flesh
Convoke the world
The hour is now
The mask is ours
Praise the word
Open the halls
You're free at last
Cold blood semen
Spit through the halls
Now enter lifetime
It's what the image holds
Burn the sun
A million years from now
Conquest means victory
Now speak the word
Every beast on the field
Leave the beauty dying
Now is the hour
The curtain falls
Never surrender
Never to return
Towards a new sun
At the end of the world