Перевод песни Bestial Mockery – Hells vociferation

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Hells vociferation
Your manifestation
And there it was
The howling of the abyss
An abysmal pandemonium
Raging distortion storm
The roaring of the depths
A screaming shrapnel wind
F*cked up razor blast
Right into your face
Hells vociferation
Your manifestation
Execute and kill
Fire at f*cking will
Sodomy virgin goat
Tormented razor f*ck
Get down on your knees
Start to my penis suck
Chainsaw engine roar
Unholy necro spell
Mother Mary's nose
Inhale the carcass smell
Now let them bleed
The inferior f*cking race
Smash their ugly mug
And show them no remorse
The final war commence
Gasmask breed for death
Crushing down your head
B-52 from Hell
Hells vociferation
Your manifestation
Anti-Music Reign
Gospel for the Insane!!!