Перевод песни Sator – Dog

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I got a dog, a dog called Come With Me
Come With Me is so friendly
but when my neighbour comes
Come With Me starts to scream
that neighbour little creep
no, don't be bad to my little dog
no, you scared my Come With Me
no, you have such an evil heart
no, I will kill your little kids
beware of the dog — I must warn you
beware of the dog — you might die
beware of the dog — don't go there
the love — is in my heart
the love — is in my eyes
the love — is not in my dog
I got a dog a dog called Don't Come Here
Don't come here if you don't want to get hurt
there's a song about a very angry dog,
Don't Come Here
look what you've done you don't deserve to live
you made Come With Me become Don't Come Here
I think you should know that you're a little creep
all you need is love, but you won't find it here