Перевод песни Phil Carmen – Walkin' The Dog

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
my name is A.C. an´ I live on this block
an´ every ev´nin´ I go walkin´ the dog
eleven-thirty an´ we´re doin´ the rounds
since seven years we´ve ´bin patrolin´ this town
know ev´ry lamp-post, every hole in the ground
guess you could say, know all the Jokers an´ Clowns
know every street name, every name on the streets
the local hookers an´ the lawmen called Pete
across the park the hobe sleeps on his bench
he´d use the subway if he had any sense
kids in bushes tryin´ not to be seen
an´ twilight walkers never missin´ a thing
walkin the dog
an asphalt cowboy got a dog an´no horse
his name is «Razor» an´ he´s sharper than most
we share a three-roomed with «American-Jean»
she´s my woman an´ she keeps the place clean