Перевод песни Ruth Etting – Whose Honey Are You

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What you're doin' to my heart really is a crime;
Won't you tell me when you'll start giving me your time?
Ohhh, I see love light in your eyes, plain as plain can be;
I'm in doubt so put me wise, does it shine for me?
Whose honey are you?
Whose tea do you sweeten?
Who's sugar and spice and everything nice depend upon you?
Whose honey are you?
Whose dream you completin'?
Who goes for those eyes like sugar-plum pies
Whose honey are you?
You've got a tiny little touch of heaven in your fingertips;
You've got all the rest of heaven on your sugar-coated lips.
Whose goin'to get you
some Sunday go-meeting?
Whose little heart leaps and wants you for keeps,
Whose honey are you?
Please tell me, have you really made your mind up who it's goin' to be?
Don't you think before we wind up
we're terrific you and me?
Whose honey are you?
Whose dream of perfection?
Who's going to raise Cain until you explain
Whose honey are you?