Перевод песни Aerosmith – What Could Have Been Love

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I wake up and wonder how everything went wrong
Am I the one to blame?
I gave up and left you for a nowhere-bound train
Now that train has come and gone
I close my eyes and see you lying in my bed
And I'm still dreaming of that day
What could have been love
Should have been the only thing that was ever meant to be Didn't know, couldn't see what was right in front of me And now that I'm alone all I have is emptiness that comes from being free
What could have been love will never be An old friend told me that you found somebody new
Oh, you're finally moving on You think that I'd be over you after all these years
Yeah, but time has proved me wrong
Cause I'm still holding on We've gone our separate ways
Say goodbye to another day
I still wonder where you are
Are you too far from turning back?
You were slippin through my hands and I didn't understand
What could have been love will never be What could have been love