Перевод песни The Levellers – Survivors

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In the life in front of you and me Seems there is no logic — No place that you must be And there are times that it gets so hard to see
To find the valid reasons — For the things that come to be But you must try to set your spirit free
You know you cannot hide from spiritual disease
And it seems you cannot please the present company
Who could claim to know the answers
Is just the way we're meant to be Love is stronger in survivors
Survivors follow destiny
If you like we could go down to the sea
We could watch the evening tide — catch the boat to Honalee
We could fly above the dark city
Gettin higher in the sky with every breath you breathe
And if you cry about the things you leave
It's yourself you should be asking, about what you really need
And you know it is no lie — For it only takes belief