Перевод песни The Levellers – The Player

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
There isn't much to gain
By living all the same way
The years just slip away
But it's too late then to play
If you live from day to day
You can play the game your own way
There's a million things to say
In a million places
For her it stays the same
Though a million towers have tumbled
And you can hear her pain
Voiced in a distant rumble
And when it starts to rain
All your monoliths will crumble
It's always been the same
Don't you feel a little bit humble?
She came up to me, she said:
'Wanna know a mistery?
There's a whole wide world for you to see
You're just a player in the game'
Well I've nothing left to say
Except take the time to ramble
In a million different ways
There's a million paths to travel
And when there's something in the way
Take your time please remember
There's hope yet in the rain
And a voice in distant thunder