Перевод песни Jill Sobule – Sold My Soul

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I feel like an outline
Where the middle part is missing
And the moonlight is kissing
The details away
I feel like a cliffnote
To a novel no one can read
And I feel like such a phony
Like I got 'em all deceived
And I feel like a punch line
Nobody gets
I bet that you're laughing
And shaking your head
I sold my soul
And nothing happened
Yeah nothing happened
When I sold my soul
I feel like an outline
To a picture you started to paint
Now the sunlight is fading
The colors away
How's it feel to have insides
Something to hold I wish I could touch you
How could I know
When I sold my soul
And Nothing Happened
Yeah Nothing Happened
When I sold my soul
Just a big black hole
And Nothing Happened
And I bet you're laughin'
'Cause I sold my soul