Перевод песни Gene Chandler – Get Down

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Fine, fine foxy lady
Get down (get on down)
We are, mama, gonna Snake and boogie
Baby, get on down (get on down)
I know a funky place
We can dance all night
You can be my lady
If you play your cards right
But you gotta get down
Get on down, down, baby
Get on down, down, sugar
Get on down
(Get on down)
You’re looking real good
In your halter top, yeah, yeah
But get on down (get on down)
You sure got style
Don’t you ever stop, no, no
Baby, get on down (get on down)
Girl, you’re moving everywhere
You’re sure hooked up, girl
You make the people
Stop and stare, ow
Get down, ha, get on down
Get down, baby
Get on down, get down, sugar
Get on down
Get down, baby bubba
(Get down, baby bubba
Baby, get down
Get down, baby bubba
Baby, get down)
Get on down, hoo hoo hoo
Get on down, hoo hoo hoo
You move like
You’re a wheel, baby
Baby, get on down (get on down)
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Shift it in third gear, mama
Get on down (get on down)
Ain’t nothing too good for you
I know that you can do it too
Ow, get down, get on down
Down, baby, get on down
Down, honey, get on down