Перевод песни Trini Lopez – Sinner Man

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Sinner man, has a reputation
Sinner man, known throughout the nation
Sinner man, that's his occupation
Yes, he's a sinner man!
There was a sinner man, who loved and ran away
He had a different girl, for every single day
He used to tell them lies, and alibis
He'd just pretend, and in the end
He'd leave 'em there, he didn't care
Because he was a sinner man! Ha, Ha!
Repeat Chorus
And then he met a girl, as pretty as could be He thought he'd break her heart, as quick as one-two-three
He didn't realize, her flashing eyes, would hypnotize, did she surprise him
Could she be the girl who stole, the heart of a sinner man? Ha, Ha!
Repeat Chorus
The wedding day is planned, we're happy as can be The pretty girl was you, the sinner man was me La-la, la-la, la-la (repeat 4 times)
Repeat it for me everybody!(repeat la la's 4 times with echo of crowd)