Перевод песни Tommy James – I Know Who I Am

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Ah, here's to the man who's got no name
Just a face in the crowd, looking just the same to me Everywhere I go, I know who I am Now, here's to the man who smiles at me As he shakes my hand so vigorously
He can't figure me out if I'm «A,» or «B,» or «C.»
«D,» none of these; «E,» all of the above are correct
Do not mark on the test booklet!
Ah, here's to the man in the polka-dot necktie
Don't quite understand, ah, but what the heck, I Don't give a damn 'cause I know who I am My little water chickadee, yes
Universal facts apply or philosophy, now
And if you need a heart transplant, I'm definitely the man to see
Ah, here's to the girl who loved them all
And I found her number on the bathroom wall
And it said I could call anytime after 6 P. M Man, was she ugly!
Ah, here's to the guy who's got chapped lips
From eating too many potato chips
And I cracked up when he smiled at me and almost bled to death
Yes, I know who I am. Yes, I know who I am Now, before we bring out the crippled monkeys here on our show
Yes, I know who I am You better not go for your gun, kid, or I'll shoot you where you sit
Yes, I know who I am. Yes, I know who I am