Перевод песни David Lee Roth – It's Showtime!

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Ooh, wee
Ah wow
Lights, camera, action
There's a star upon your door
Have your machine call my machine
We'll do lunch on the cutting room floor
We're over budget
98 percent not there
And when the back door hits you
Where the good Lord split you
Tell us honey, who does your hair?
How does he do it? Why's he do it?
Oh yeah, yes, it's true
And the flavor of the month is you
Practice, practice, practice
Just to get to Carnegie
We'll need 10 percent and that's off the top
Gross, not net to me Get it on Honey, 'cause it's showtime!
Just play the song, oh Baby, 'cause it's showtime!
Oh, oh, oh Produce me daddy
Takin' 8 to the bar
Big, bigger, biggest
With the right lighting you'll go far
Here today, gone late today
And it's club dates in the sticks
And you're beautiful babe, don't never shave
No prob, we'll fix it in the mix
Just leave your name and number
In the dumpster when you're through
Oh yeah
Don't call us, we'll call you
Oscar, Grammy, triple whammy
Cut, and that's the take
I said quit complainin', where's my agent?
Don't you know how much I make?
Get it on, oh yeah
Baby, 'cause it's showtime! Wooh
Just play the song, oh, oh, oh, oh Baby 'cause it's showtime!
Okay, okay, this is it Here it is Wooh
Oh yeah
Ooh wee
Once to the close and go Leave your name and number
In the dumpster when you're through
Woah yeah
Don't call us, we'll call you
And it's play it like they paid ya And your photo goes on the car wash wall
But somehow ain't it worth it When you hear that curtain call
It's Showtime!
Oh, baby 'cause it's showtime! Oh yeah
Just play the song
Baby, 'cause it's showtime! Ooh yeah
Let's get it on
'Cause it's showtime! Ooh yeah
Just play the song
People, 'cause it's showtime!
Hit it!