Перевод песни David Lee Roth – Sensible Shoes

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I got a fast car, go cruisin'down the highway
A corvette stingray, I do it my way
Got a good job, makin'lots of money
I look good and I'm funny, so why'm I lonesome honey
The gypsy said the problem with you
You need some sensible shoes
Look at this black book, it's loaded with phone numbers
Potential lovers, new worlds to discover
You would think I really have it made now
New rayban shades but I'm a heartache on parade now
I walk around with the blues
I need some sensible shoes
Sensible shoes, ones that will lead me back to you
Sensible shoes, cuz you're the only lover who was ever true
I need some sensible shoes
All my friends now, they look up to me
They wish they could be a lot more like me But they don't know and they can't see