Перевод песни Love – Your Mind And We Belong Together

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I'd like to understand just why
I feel like I have been through hell
BUT you tell me I haven't even started yet
To live here you've got to give more than you get
That I know
But they said it's all right
I'd like to understand today
Then maybe I would know who I was
When I was when it was yesterday
The seasons and the REASONS are on display
And I know
Oh... Oh... Oh...
Bridge 1
So many people
They just seem to clutter up my mind
And if it's mine throw it away
Throw it again once for my girl... friend
Bridge 2
So many voices
Don't let them stop between my ears
But it appears that there they are
Though they are wrong ten thousand strong, oh, yeah
Bridge 3:
I'm lockin'my heart in the closet
I don't need anyone, oh no no no You find me behind the door
And all of the far-out faces
From long ago, I can't erase this