Перевод песни The Cascades – Punch And Judy

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Everybody laughs to see
Judy being mean to me Everybody here in town
Knows that I'm just Judy's clown
Oh every place we ever go Everybody seems to know
Well, they know we're just
A punch and Judy show
Judy makes a fool of me Why can't she just let me be Even though I know the score
I keep coming back for more
I wish I knew why she acts this way
We're like puppets in a play
Judy play that being cruel
While must act the happy fool
Though I smile it hurts inside
Even puppets have some pride
I would leave her if I could
If my heart were made of wood
So everyday we'll give our show
And it always hurts me so Yes, well always be A Punch and Judy
Always be A Punch And Judy Show
(Punch And Judy Show)
Punch And Judy Show
(Punch And Judy Show)