Перевод песни Ars Nova – MARCH OF THE MAD DUKE'S CIRCUS

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
Once in the month of the pageant of deams
soft like the choir in the cobblestone stream
let by the children
rose, velvet and children
Then came a tumbler a juggler and a clown (3 silver rings)
we saw the singing but we did not hear the sound (of silver rings)
three circles and, and the dancers began (...)
one's for the sea
one's for the land
one's for the grand victory.
Then came the Duchess with a dutchess in her hand (...)
calling cathedrals into their land
Turn to our towers, numbers and hours
And tolling a tune of an empty bell band (that once began)
come on ye children take leave of your time
the twelve answers lie
the twelve questions die
the twelve dancers passing nearby
Once in the month of the pageant of dream
such is our choir in the cobblestone stream
followed by children
Rinse, incense and children