Перевод песни Pearls Before Swine – Simple Things

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
When I was growing up And times were hard
Many people often thought
They owned me When I got older
I knew that they were wrong
But now that conviction
Has outgrown me Once I knew a beggarman
Like you or me He cried out:
I want no one to hold me He chased after freedom
And he drank from every cup
Now he knows everything
But why he's lonely
I knew a girl
From a fancy school
Who hated lies
She threw away illusions
From her hand
She kicked away each fading truth
As it came under her eyes
When she looked down
She had no place to stand
I know that people
Can get messed up bad
Not even believe
They can get through it all
Someone to love
And someone's child
Are simple things, it's true
But in this world
We never made
The simple things will do