Перевод песни No Doubt – I Throw My Toys Around

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I’ve got no time for fairy stories
I’m not a little girl
So you can leave me all alone
And turn of the lights as well
If you were frightened then listen
But I don’t think you’d like it Such a nice kid
Nobody’s lookin' now
I throw my toys around
Somebody’s being very bad
I wonder who it could be Somebody’s gon' to get in trouble
I know it isn’t me
I’m just a little angel
But cha don’t know what I’ve done
When your backs turned
(Gwen w/ Elvis Costello)
Pick up those building blocks
Chop off the baby’s locks
Swing dolly by her hair
Put down that teddy bear
Slam dunk a happy clown
I throw my toys around
I’ve got no time for bedtime stories
I’m not a little child
Everything makes me furious
And everything makes me wine
If you are frightened
Then whistle and i’ll come running to you
As you boo hoo
(chorus repeated twice)
I throw my toys around
I throw my toys around
(Repeated 10 times)