Перевод песни Tower Of Power – Will I Ever Find A Love?

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Oh look at me
A lonely man in a busy world
I try to get ahead
But too many times
I just yearn for the girl
Whoever she may be
Look at me
Again and again and
Again I see
How full my life could be
With love
Of my special angels, (yeah)
Will i ever find a love?
Will i ever find the girl?
Without her help
I'd either slip and fall
Or play the fool
Not knowing what to do
All I need
Is someone to want me
To want my love
As well as give her love
To me
Snuggling close together
Will I ever find a love? (hey)
Will i ever find a girl?
Am I gon' find a love? (hey)
Another day has passed me by
So comes the night
No one to hold me tight
Comes six o-clock
The alarm rings
A new day begins
Like yesterday
Or any other day
Oh please
Let this be the day
Will I ever find a love? (aah)
Will I ever find that girl?
You see I've been lookin' everywhere
And I got to find somebody
I need somebody
Who gon' understand (aah)
I got to find a love
I got to find a girl
Will I ever find love?