Перевод песни Donnie Klang – Bedroom (Interlude)

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hello who's this
is this Donnie?
yeah who's this?
ha ha u remember me? this is Caramel
yo hold on one second Seven this is the girl from last night that I told you
about the one that ask me to spank it... hello I'm sorry
ha ha ha what's going on? how are you?
I'm saying um can I see you tonight?
tonight? I mean yeah you wanna come over?
can I come over right now?
right now? I got some of my boys here but...
who's over there with you?
these are my boys Seven, DaReala, Jay, Renz you know
so I mean are they gonna stay there or...?
shhh, don't worry about it I know where we can go I'm a take you to my bedroom