Перевод песни Musiq Soulchild – radio

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Hey, hey, hey, hey hey
Cool, hey, hey
Everywhere I be, I see shawties be lovin' the
Way I rock my hat, fresh tie on a button up Fresh dentals with a fresh vest or a sweater or Fresh pair of cause
Everywhere I go they always want a picture
Whisperin' in my ear, «Is there anybody with ya?»
Want a autograph or they just tryin' to get the
Answer to questions like, «what you listenin' to?»
I tell her
Whatever I like I put it on my radio
You can probably find something new on my radio
If you wanna ride, cool, just don't touch my radio
Don't look so surprised
You can trip if you want to Don't front you know you love it Put it on the radio
Don't front you know you love it Put it on the radio
Don't be scared, you can crank it bra
Just turn up the radio
Don't be shy you, can shake it girl
Just turn up the radio
Ya I'm from the East Cost, Philly I was brought up Now I'm in the Dirty South, ATL Georgia
I just left the studio, I think I gotta heater
Watch out for that 8O8 (It could brush it)
Shawty tryin' to holla I told her I could meet her
We could do the restaurant, we could do the theater
Pulled up to her spot, started talking 'bout some music
She said, «You ain't from around here, what you think is hot?»
I told her
Hey, hey, hey
Cool, hey