Перевод песни Anya Marina – Two Left Feet

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You retreat, I advance
You cry on graves, while I dance
You will ebb, and I will flow
I'm so sure about you, you don't know
The more I love you, the more you stray
The more I leave you, the more you come for me
Dance like this, dance like that
Love me, love me, love me like a baseball bat
But the music sounds so sweet
The music comes so easy, easy
Why can't we?
C'mon, count me in. (two, three)
C'mon, let's play it again
Now I retreat, you advance
Goddamn this goddamn dance
Lover, how I miss you so
Oh, I wish I never would've let you go
I wish I never would've let you go
«what do you want,"he said all coy,
«some kind of boy toy? some kind of boy toy?»
Two broken birds, you say, we're two left feet
Now take your coat off and make a mess of me
So I've got a broken heart
So what, it's a heart you could start
Yeah, it's a heart you could start
So shut up, shut up, shut up