Перевод песни 7seconds – Tribute Freedom Landscape

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
You tell me you're beaten, in search of a way
To know when to leave and to know when to stay
Here, people accept all the smart lies, confined
Forget all that nonsense, let's leave it behind
I saw it and I see it, keeps getting closer yet
This Freedom Landscape fades, oh
To hold it, don't mold it, just place it on your heart
This Freedom Landscape fades
This is my tribute to you my dear one
Do you feel your skin burn while you pray to the sun
I know there's a reason we scream on the phone
I'd rather stand off than to stand here alone
Some houses feel warm, oh so good, I can see
What's looming ahead in the future for me
And hands make great comfort but will they be here
When I'm reaching, waiting, as trouble comes near
I will wait and if you give a sign
I'll hold on until the end of time