Перевод песни 7seconds – It All Makes Less Sense Now

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
All that wraps around me, fills and breeds itself inside me
Heart is pumping wasted years away
It really doesn't mean that much to me
Called out near the river, it ran as deep as you could see
I felt alone and strange like many times
My hand so still, it reached the sky
I wrote this in a notebook and I censored out the best
I said I'll wish and wait and rest
I said I'll hope you'll wait and rest, and
I hope that there's more time for me than this
My family stands beside me, figured maybe there was truth to find
My girl she holds my hand but I can tell she wants to jump inside
Daylight faded quickly and the cold breeze never died
We drank some water from the stream
And then we hugged and sang and cried
It will make sense... just have patience
It all makes sense... just have patience
Sometimes life can pull a fast one on ya...
And sometimes you really dig it when it does Daylight faded quickly...
All along, the time, this feeble industry
Let's over ride, your red cent, every band goes into debt
I know the kind, cuz I got it on this page
Let's break apart, let's break it free
Let's break apart, do it for me
Let's break apart, goddamn this sound
Let's inside out and upside down