Перевод песни Malevolent Creation – Stillborn

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
My thoughts my mind's trapped behind.
An inescapable wall of depression.
Try to face it one to one, eye to eye.
Accepting no lies.
Cannot break my boundaries.
Forever held in a grasp of despair.
My thoughts all die.
Before they are born.
Expression of my mind suffers.
Tormented under mental chains.
Only alive to serve others.
Caring nothing of my own pain.
Stillborn, reeling of my mind.
Fighting everything.
No hope of ever being heard.
To set it free.
Just live to suffer.
Trapped inside these fleshened walls.
So many live, how many perish?
Will never achieve it's goal.
I am dead before I am alive.
Open wide and be force fed.
Pitiful way of existence.
What they instill into your head.
Insight silenced before it escapes.
Left to rot in hell.
Blinded by falsified hope.
Succumb to your mental shell.
I... am...Stillborn!