Перевод песни Nils Lofgren – A Child Could Tell

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:Verse 1:
Livin' in the same dead town
Mysteriously I've come alive
It feels great, I'm glowin' so different
Yesterday it was all I could do to survive
Somethin' gave my soul a start
Swift the black off my rusty heart
Maybe it's the hand of fate
Could be the angel, needin' that eat
A child could tell, that I'm in love
A child could tell, that I'm in love. (With you!)
:Verse 2:
Baby it's the kind of day
When you wake up with a reason to wash your face
Love is hatin' and hurtin', same
My dark dead feelings are bein' replaced
Wearin' clean clothes and bringin' her flowers
We sit and we talk for hours
And the little girl nest door
Asked me today, «How come I never smiled before?»
She said she likes it
A child could tell, that I've been saved
Saved by love, I'd lost faith
It changed so much, love so true
A child could tell!
:Verse 3:
I don't have to figure it out
Why she loves me 'cause there ain't no doubt
The kids in the neighborhood
All along they understood!