Перевод песни The Brotherhood – You Gotta Life

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The time is 3am, when? The date is 6th of June, 1962
Lets measure the worth, at the birth of you
Let me take you to, the pre-natal center
Time for you to enter, ripping from placenta
The way that it was meant'a, sent from God's miracles
Screaming from your mum's mouth, huggin on umbilicle
Pinnicle exist, twist the photo lens
Now your dads taking photo's for his friends
Ends, justify the means, rip your mumma cleans
Smack the baby's bot and splash the blood up on the screens
Scene's, of love and life, man and wife why?
You the baby boy and now the apple of your mum's eye
Inside, back at home, got you cosy like the womb
Got the Captain Caveman painting and wallpaper on your room
Soon, your growing up a million years past the door
Got you walking on your hind legs from crawling on the floor
All awestruck, dont want ya trip up, so your daddy buys your box
And shaves your head from baby locks
Time tocks, brother wants to pass on his legacy
Exercise conditions, so the ID is hereditary
Apple of his eye, choking adams throats
So your father starts to dote on his great white hope
Nope, you were just a nappy wearing drip-lover
Daddies got ideas of his own little Hitler...
Chorus: 4X
Ya gotta life...
Ya gotta life, but dont know how to live it do ya?
Verse Two:
Six years old, now you on the street playing footie
Dad will teach you how to sweep, but dont play with mister sooty
Goodie goodie gum drops, daddy loves scotch
Always drunk on the job so his stars always botch
Swatch, another twelve years in the void
Feels like four score and ten that your dads unemployed and annoyed
Sitting in the front room bitter
Screaming how the immigrants have done him right up in the shitter
Gary Glitter, there's noone left in my gang, my gang
All the jobs are taken my the hood or the ying-yang
Slang enough abuse through the windows at the passers
Shoutin' cut your hair to the pappi's and the rasta's
Now he has ta', take a drink cause he parky
Tellin' you your mummy just run off with a darkie
Took the car keys, left him there without his dinner
Crying 'Oh' to his lord, while she's out to sinner
Head spinner, now you doubting days and confused
Can't make your own desicion cause your mind has been abused
Used, now you try to make your own choice
You try to open your mouth but you ain't got your own voice
Poised on the edge with the broken rolemodel
No longer protected by the days of the squabble
Mind boggle, make you ohh make you ahh
You got a life, but dont know how to live it do ya...
Chorus: 4X
Verse Three:
Ooh, so now the shit's hit the fan
Out on your own, try to act like a man
Damn, who's annointing bitterness and blame
Pointing all the fingers to the one's that ain't the same
Aim, your anger fighting tooth and nail to the cross
Undirected mind in the shadow of the squashed
Lost, cause you got no place to go Slow, stifling the earth got no space to grow
No, all you think is off your broken family
Signed subscriptions, pay your money to the BNP
You want a Yid bashing rump
Circumstances pump and you do the Nazi slump
From, whence did you come from think
Became your daddy's clone in the speed of a blink
If there was any good there, it must have gone through ya Ya gotta life, but dont know how to live it do ya'...
Chorus 4X