Перевод песни Gwen Stacy – Addictionary

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«Baby girl, stand up This world's in need of beauty
And it has taken you for granted
And the pain consumes what's in you
Your closest ones held back by the length of an arm
Unable to reach
You have no idea what you put yourself through
Keep on pushing yourself to the floor
You're wasting away in your self-made hell
You're steady in your own demise
Can you feel this racing through your veins?
This is all you need
Why do you do the things that you do to yourself?
You do this to yourself
It's so hard to live with your hands down your throat.»
«I am not in control, and I'm praying for peace to keep
I am not in control, and I'm praying for peace to call my own
It always takes what's left of me
A lesson here is deserved.»
«I built your heart. I built that heart for me That heart was built for love
You'll never fill the void
Breathe deep, let the smoke fill your lungs
You're steady in your own demise.»