Перевод песни Gwen Stacy – Devil Devil

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«Devil, Devil
My heart is filled with selfish
Thoughts of destruction
And things I don't understand
Yet I must find acceptance in this
From the one who brought me into this world
Taking me under his wing
And showing me what it is to be a man
Time has passed, and things have changed
All these things have changed
Do his words still ring true?»
«They've given up. Don't you do that to me.»
«But I'm so unsure with the way things are.»
«Now listen to me. Trust me my son.»
«I am learning every day that things have changed
It's not just me and you
Is there still life in the blood we once shared?
Am I wrong for loving you or just in love with being wrong?
I want to know where your heart lies
That much I deserve
Excuse my words from before
Hate found it's way to my heart
I'll leave my back turned to you
See if my world falls apart
Is this what you call being a man?
Are you a man?
Excuse my ways from before
Hate found it's words in my heart.»