Перевод песни Gwen Stacy – A Dialogue

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I have become so bitter that it has reached my core
But every day brings a battle that I can't win
Still it seems that I have all my drones in a row
I'll drown myself in holy water, and call myself at home
Can this be happening?
Let me know when to feel, and when to live my life again
I've tried my best to overcome
All that I truly have I will lay at your feet
I swear this better be worth it It's been three hundred days of cold, and I am so alone
What can I make of this?
Oh me of little faith
Overtaken by mind and thought
I can't believe how far I've come
But it has taken so many steps to get here
You speak your doubts in hope of finding
Something that I have not already seen
There are things that are so much greater
Than your heart could truly understand
You've got me out on my hands and knees
But I'm a faithful son to no one
I bury loved ones in memories
Guide me as I walk over their ashes
I burn my bridges to the ground with failure as my road
This is the real world, and you're falling apart