Перевод песни The Dawn – Let Me Dream

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Let me dream, let me live
Let me dance, let me scream, yeah
Let me dream, let me soar to consciousness
That till now is just a mystery, a lore
Let me ride the white light to visions of more
The universe around us weighed down no more
Let me live in peace, alive and furious at what's in store
The fresh air so rare, the sunlight too bright
A common cause for us people to unite
Free us from greed now, free us from the darkness
Let there be light
Let me dance, let me move, let my motions soothe
Mother of the world how I envy the way you care
Wonders so rare at fragile fabric, do they tear
Cynicism in the mind, at the heart does it strip bare
Let me scream at this indifferent at the message so proud
I stand a witness, I stand a survivor to the earth's damor
Air carry my message on waives of silver and camphor
Speak to me with your mind, common causes to find
A direction we will travel, on thermals we will climb
Never weary, never sad, only reasons to be glad
Let us start a song for all, at first try from the inside
From the inside, yeah