Перевод песни Van Der Graaf Generator – Only In A Whisper

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
Dive in to the Motion of the Avatar
Sign up to the Army of the Phantom
No-one's really who they say they are
They're all imposters on the stand in witness
Welcome to the Power of Self-deception
Head high in the grip of Holy Deadlock
Don't count on the way your days are numbered
Listen to the wind which whips your every word away
Word-drunk, has the Inquisition found you?
Weight falls on your shoulders, under pressure
Black dog in the desert heat will hound you —
Hang on, only Faith is holding us together
Dust clouds building up on the horizon
Make way for the onslaught of the Visigoths
Joined up, all the Automatic Writing —
Some thoughts should be spoken only in a whisper
Take aim on the Summit of Experience
Don't say we're just making up the numbers
Lay waste to the idea of an Afterlife
Some thoughts should be spoken only in a whisper
Listen to the wind which'll whip your words away
Listen to the wind that whips your every word away
Scattered as your atoms all will be one day...
Some thoughts should be uttered only in a whisper